Electro-Optical Detection is HERE!!

Well first of all Happy New Year to all, its been a long time since posting anything.  Okay so just over a year ago i started thinking about electro-optical sensing as a form of input detection for Multi-Touch and surface computing applications http://mtaha.wordpress.com/2008/12/25/update/.  As such i’ve been working on this primarily by myself and am glad to say that within the next few months will have something to showcase. Till then here is are some titillating items below the break

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  1. BasemBasem02-14-2010

    Hello Taha
    I am trying to double check my understanding here
    So this is supposed to replace the camera and image processing effort by a low cost , high speed electrical circuit of IR receivers 2D Array ?
    Or I am missing something ?
    Thank you

    • TahaTaha02-14-2010

      Yes essentially this a cheap implementation that replaces the camera and the distance it needs due to its viewing angle

  2. SriSri02-23-2010

    I am Sri from boston.I needed to ask you regarding how to compile the multitouch plugin for sketch up.The online resource for compilation was confusing

    • TahaTaha04-06-2010

      the plugin is based of a python script, you need to compile it in pyton

  3. Paul D'IntinoPaul D'Intino02-24-2010

    I love it! Looking forward to seeing more… Keep up the great work as always mate..

  4. JackJack03-23-2010

    Hey, by “cheap”, how much are we talking? Inexpensive and high-res enough that it’s feasible to replace the current camera setups (I mean now, not in a year or so aka theoretical cost)? Also, is it possible to integrate both the IR emitters and the sensors into the same board so that it would no longer rely on FTIR/LLP etc?

    • TahaTaha04-06-2010

      by cheap i’m referring to converting an 40″ LCD would cost around $2000 + Cost of LCD ($1500), its not really a DIY project, for large commercial installations where projectors can cost upwards of $5000 and a good firewire cameras can cost $200 plus costs associated with professional projection screens, and housing a commercial project can cost upwards of $10,000. In terms of that $3500 – $4000 for a 40″ system is considerably cheap.
      Answering your second question, yes if you wanted you could do this but it will effectively reduce your raw sensor resolution by a half since each detector will have a corresponding emitter. And considering that LCD panels are not designed to be touched you would need some overlay if an overlay is required might as well use a DSI or LLP or FTIR based system.

  5. zafarzafar10-21-2010

    hi taha,

    i saw the multitouch sketchup plugin from gsoc09, tried it on my setup, it worked awesomely. i think a couple of final polishing was not given, otherwise by giving a command in ruby, i could paint in 3D, draw circles, cubes etc.
    good job. hope u guys do the full release. i should be using it for my PhD thesis formulation.

    • TahaTaha10-21-2010

      Sad to give you this news but currently the project is abandoned. I may work on it later in the year but as for now there isn’t any work being done.

      • zafarzafar11-10-2010

        hi taha,

        i was able to contact the original developer. was able to get some fixes to it. it works well for us now. we can draw in 3D, orbit, rotate and such

        would like you to check our video out.
        thanks. i am planning to take up the project, and release it in a total new fashion…. thanks a lot

        • TahaTaha11-10-2010

          i would love too see a video… it would be great if you could update and rerelease it… I’ve just been busy with a lot of other stuff and haven’t had the time to work on it.

  6. rogier marsrogier mars07-20-2011

    He Taha isn’t it possible to send the data to CCV? That would be a nice setup though. Im also studing how to build a real flat true multitouch lcd table.

    Maybe with ir sensors or else a wedge lense (BAUERNFEIND prism 45°)

    Can you give me some more specific info about the different components?

    Greetings Rogier