Our Tools

As we move towards an increasingly ubiquitous and natural form of computing; human-computer interaction, is at a point in time where computer interfaces are starting to conform to users. Here at Knode we are focused on creating and delivering technologies that are leading charge in this departure from the traditional Windows Icon Mouse Pointer (WIMP) interface to the more Natural User Interface. Our technologies are helping to define and shape the future of environmental, social, spacial and collaborative computing, through the use of our technologies and customised user interfaces we are making data more comprehensible, pervasive and accessible.

By developing our technologies from the ground up; through our internal research and development initiative, it gives our creative designers and developers a unique vantage to innovate in ways never thought of before, providing unique solutions to challenging problems. The end result? Immersive, Interactive, and Memorable solutions you wont find anywhere else.

Interactive Displays
Mulititouch Display

We’ve been the hidden talent behind some of the worlds largest, highest resolution and best performing multi-touch experiences in the world. Through our partners, our installations have been deployed the world over from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, LA to New York and from Toronto to Cannes. Our experience with computer vision, free space gestures, and mobile technologies presents us with limitless possibilities for what we can offer to our clients.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Our research and experiments into Augmented Reality (AR) has allowed us to create rich immersive experiences that blend the physical, real-world environment, with the virtual and metaphysical. Our work with AR goes beyond the traditional webcam – paper scenario; it allows us to intelligently map our environment, track users in 3D space and augment the experience of the real world around them.

Projection Mapping
Projection Mapping

Our projection mapping platform allows us to map and synchronize up to 36 discrete high resolution video and or digital input streams. Through our research and development initiative we’ve developed a proprietary mesh distortion and grid layout that allows us to compensate for varying geometry, allowing us to seamlessly map virtually any digital content on any type of surface. With our partners we are able to create custom environments in practically any shape or scale, from gaming simulators to projection domes.

RFID Lead Gen Tracking

RFID is the leading analytics technology in use today, our team has developed a sophisticated RFID Lead Gen tracking platform that allows you track and record virtually all forms of data. Not only that, through our experiments into RFID our developers have found it a novel interaction methodology, that can be used to trigger dynamic events and or content personalisation. With RFID tags ranging from the size of a grain of rice to a credit card, it’s possible uses are limitless.

Phidget Arduino Controllers and Design

Phidgets (or physical widgets) and Arduino controllers are the physical representations of user interface elements. At Knode we believe that an environment is only as immersive as its interactive content; Phidgets and controllers add a level of interactivity that cannot be achieved by any other means, they’re an extension to the virtual from the physical. Through our experiments into phidgets, our developers have found them to be engaging technique for user interaction, specially in scenarios dealing with 3D interaction and manipulation.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps and Kiosk Design

With Mobile phones being the centre of your day to day interaction; it is essential for a marketing strategy to target Mobile and Cellular devices to be successful. At Knode our team of developers specialise in leading Mobile Platforms ranging from iOS to Android, Windows Phone 7 to Symbian, WebOS to Blackberry. We not only specialise in Mobile Application development but also event based Mobile Integration; such as immersive Mobile AR, QR Codes and Social Networking.